To the attention of the participants who have chosen the Ayaks hotel facilities to stay at during the Conference! 

Request for additional information

Dear guests:  

Thank you for having chosen the Ayaks hotel facilities to stay at during the 14th Asia TEFL International Conference and 11th FEELTA International Conference “Connecting Professionally on ELT in Asia: Crossing the Bridge to Excellence” to be held 30 June – 2 July 2016 at The Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia

We shall be happy to book accommodation for you. At this moment you are kindly requested to provide additional info

  1. Your FULL name as in Passport with family name in capital letters
  2. Male or female    
  3. Names of people who will live in the room together with you (with family name in CAPITAL letters, given name in small letters) 
  4. Passport number and series (found at the bottom of your front page with a photo) 
  5. Date when your passport was issued (date of issue)
  6. Please provide passport info for each person who will stay with you at the hotel.

Those who travel alone, please supply information pertaining to you  (points 1, 2, 4, 5)

For example:

Michael BROWN (male): Passport number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx   (family name is to be in CAPITAL letters, given name in small); date of issue: date /month /year

Maria BROWN (female):  Passport number (as at the bottom xxxxxxxxxxxxx;  family name in CAPITAL letters), date /month /year

Nickolas BROWN (m) son, aged 10   

Point 1-3 – is a prerequisite for room reservation, points  4,5 will save your time at receptionist’s while you are checking in.  

Thank you very much for your cooperation  

Best regards,
organizing committee. 

Contact us at 

Best regards, 
Larissa Koulchitskaya

Accommodation on Russky Island (the FEFU campus)

FEFU has been able to secure accommodation for conference participants on the Conference site itself, the Russky Island campus of the Far Eastern Federal University (Picture 2). This campus, including the accommodation, is brand new and offers modern facilities in a spacious setting. The participants are encouraged to stay in the on-campus accommodation (guest-house area – modern buildings comfortable to stay in).  The university accommodation is a guest-house type with en suite rooms (all rooms are fully equipped with shampoo, towels, hair-dryers, etc.). There is a front desk in the guest house, however there is no front desk service: we will have a student volunteer on hand to deal with inquiries.

AsiaTEFL – FEELTA 2016 Picture 1 The Ayaks guest-houses

Conference participants who would prefer to stay on campus are kindly requested to provide the following information:

  • name
  • date to check in
  • date  to check out
  • room type preferred

We ask overseas guests to send this information to the following e-mail address: ( Larissa Koulchitskaya).

The deadline is 20.05.2016.

Our Russian guests may book a room by filling out an application form below. If necessary, contact Veronika Yeliseeva:

Phone: +7 924 334-00-83


Application form: 

Accommodation on Russky Island (the FEFU campus)*

Room types

Daily rate, in Russian roubles / $US (with VAT)

Double standard

(two beds)   

2 400,00/$30

For a cot in a double room

4 000,00/ $50

The total for two persons in a double room (with two beds in a room)  

Single standard

4 000,00/ $50

For one person


5 800,00/ $70

Irrespective of the number of guests in the room (one or two)

VIP (President’s room)

20 000,00/ $250

Irrespective of the number of guests in the room (one or two)

*Prices in Russian roubles may be subject to change  

Breakfast is not included.
There is a cafeteria on the guest-house first floor.
Wi-Fi Internet and telephone are available.

The guest-house address: 10, Ayaks Settlement, Russky Island, Vladivostok, 690922.

Ayaks guest-house facilities and conference venue Picture 2 Ayaks guest-house facilities and conference venue