FEELTA has been able to secure accommodation for conference participants on the conference site itself, the Russia Island campus of the Far Eastern Federal University. This campus, including the accommodation, is brand new and offers modern facilities in a spacious setting. There are, of course, hotels in the central area of Vladivostok but, because of the distance from downtown to the Russia Island campus*, conference participants are encouraged to stay in the on-campus accommodation. There will be dining facilities available on-site, providing three meals a day for a reasonable price.

Three kinds of accommodation are available on-campus:

  • A limited number of single rooms at 100 US dollars per night. These rooms will be allocated to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Twin rooms for single use at 100 US dollars per night.
  • Twin rooms for two people at 100 US dollars per room per night – meaning 50 US dollars per person per night.

You can reserve these rooms only by contacting Alexander Drobyshevski at <> directly. Please do not attempt to contact the university about this as they are not equipped to deal with individual accommodation enquiries. When you contact Alexander, please give all of the following details:

  • Name and email address
  • Check-in date
  • Check-out date
  • Type of accommodation (single, twin for single use, twin for double use) you would like.

If you would like to share a room with somebody you know and that person has agreed to share, please include the sentence “I would like to share my twin room for double use with” and then give the name of your room-mate. You are then responsible for making sure that your room-mate makes an application for a twin room for double use naming you as their room-mate. If we do not receive such an application from your room-mate, we will assign you to a twin room for single use (which will cost you twice as much money as a twin room for double use).

If you would like to use a twin room for double use but would like us to find someone with whom you can share the room, in your email please give your gender by saying “I am [female/male] and would like you to assign me a room-mate of the same gender.” Whilst every effort will be made to find you a room-mate please understand that, especially with late applications, this might not be possible.

Please include all of this information in one email in order to streamline the process at our end.

Payment for the rooms is due on check-in (no advance payments) and is to be made in CASH in US dollars for the total of nights you have reserved.

Getting to your accommodation

Information is available here about arrangements for transfers between the airport and your accommodation.

Information is available here about how to get from downtown hotels to the conference site.

About the Accommodation

The university accommodation is not a hotel but it does have fully equipped rooms (shampoo, towels, hair-dryers, etc.). There is no front desk service but we will have a student volunteer on hand to deal with inquiries.

Although Internet Service is not provided in the accommodation area, Wifi Internet will be available all day in the lobby of the main conference building.