FEELTA: Partners

FEELTA places a great value on its cooperation with other professional teachers’ associations, both in neighbouring countries and around the world.

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PAC FEELTA is a member of the PAC (Pan-Asian Consortium) regional grouping of language teaching associations. PAC conferences are held every year or two, hosted by one of the PAC member associations, and with strong participation from the other member associations. PAC conferences were held in Bangkok in 1997, Seoul in 1999, Kita Kyushu (Japan) in 2001, Taipei in 2002, Vladivostok in 2004, Bangkok in 2007, Tokyo in 2008, Mamila in 2009, Seoul in 2010 and Taipei in 2011. The next PAC conference is scheduled for Vladivostok in November 2012. PAC has also published a journal on language teaching in the region.

At present PAC has six members, and FEELTA has bilateral partnership agreements with each of the other members:

Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (KOTESOL) is an association of English teachers in South Korea. Based in Seoul, it has eight regional chapters and a number of special interest groups. It organises an annual conference and publishes a newsletter and journal.
The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the improvement of language teaching and learning both within Japan and internationally, with nearly 3,000 members in 40 chapters across Japan and 19 special interest groups. It publishes a newsletter and journal, and holds an annual conference.
Thailand TESOL(ThaiTESOL) is the organization for English teachers in Thailand at any educational level. It has 4 regional affiliates, and 9 special interest groups It provides avenues for teacher training and professional development for teachers, including a newsletter, bulletin and annual international conference.
The English Teachers’ Association – Republic of China (ETA-ROC) is the major professional association for English teachers in Taiwan. It publishes a newsletter and conference proceedings and hosts an annual international conference.
The Philippine Association for Language Teaching, founded in 1960, is the oldest and biggest language teaching organization in the Philippines. The association primarily devotes itself to the promotion of excellence in language teaching, language education research, and professional development. It not only concerns itself with the teaching of English but also with the teaching of Filipino, local languages, and for some time, foreign languages, such as Spanish.
ALAK (The Applied Linguistics Association of Korea) – The Applied Linguistics Association of Korea (ALAK) is the national organization for applied linguistics in Korea. ALAK aims to provide leadership in applied linguistics and supports the development of teaching, learning and research in the field.
Since its foundation in 1965, KATE has made extensive contributions to the growth of English education in Korea, owing to the great passion and dedication of the former presidents and members. Through their devotion, KATE is now globally acknowledged as one of the most prestigious societies for English education in Korea.

FEELTA also has relations with an international professional association for English teachers:

iatefl logo FEELTA has been an associate of the International Association
of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) since 1999.
Based in the UK, IATEFL aims link, develop and support English
language teaching professionals worldwide, through a network of
members and associates in 112 countries. It has 14 special interest
groups, organises an annual conference and publishes a newsletter.