Step-by-step online payment instruction


Please use the following brief instruction to proceed with the conference registration fee payment:

  1. Please proceed to and change the language by clicking top right button.

  1. Register on the website by clicking on “sign up” button in the page right top corner.

  1. After you enter your e-mail address, password, and full name at the registration, click the “sign up” button at the bottom of the page. You will get registered, receive your registration letter and would need to confirm your registration from the e-mail address that you have indicated.
  2. Now that you are registered, login at page using your login details.
  3. Out of the available options under “Choose a service to pay for” section, please choose “AsiaTEFL & FEELTA Conference 2016”.
  4. Under “Indicate required amount of money (in Roubles)”, please enter 10000 Russian rubles if you are an international participant and 3000 Russian rubles if you are a Russian participant, and click “pay” button. You will then be transferred to GAZPROMBANK online payment terminal.
  5. At the GAZPROMBANK online payment terminal, please enter your bankcard details, and click “pay now”.
  6. At this point, you will be transferred to your bank’s online payment terminal, where you might need to enter your SMS password (or might not, depending on your bank’s security procedures).
  7. After this, you will be brought back to the GAZPROMBANK online payment terminal, which should confirm your successful payment.
  8. VERY IMPORTANT: Once you complete your online payment click “Print result” button. The system will generate you a pdf file receipt, which you would need to save on your computer and send to Ekaterina Iakovleva to confirm your payment to the Conference organization committee.

In case you have any troubles paying your registration fee, please call Ivan Pisarev for support +7.914.3239.127



The GAZPROMBANK site supports 128-bit inscription. Confidentiality of the personal information provided is assured by the bank. The information provided will not be given to the third parties with an exception of cases reserved by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Plastic cards payment transaction is carried out in strict compliance with the requirements of VISA International and MasterCard WorldWide payment systems.